Ground-Truthing:  Influences Thought Experiment 3.1.1

Tone, gesture, and atmosphere contribute to the dynamics of relationships of all types.  They help create courage or fear.  They contribute to our degree of self-knowledge.  They encourage intellectual, physical, and spiritual development – or discourage intellectual, physical, and spiritual development.

Imagine yourself as a child-soldier, intimidated and threatened into killing in order to live.  Imagine being shut in a closet, being beaten for reading or learning, being degraded into unthinking obedience – how would you escape?  How would you escape, not just physically – how would you escape emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually from this “death trap”?  How have you or people you know escaped from threats, fright, or bad influences?

Thought Experiment:  Think of specific people of any age who show unusual or striking characteristics, causes, or effects of moral Growth or moral Decay.  (See #16-#17; 2.1.0)  Do you know of any influences on them that might have contributed to who they are, for better or worse?  How would you describe the effect of their tone of voice, their style of gestures, and the general atmosphere surrounding them?  Are they contagious – for better or worse?

Phyllis Ballata

Without Words We Cannot Think

“We grieve only for what we know.”  Aldo Leopold (1887-1948),  “July,” Sand County Almanac with Essays on Conservation from Round River (1949)


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