Finding Direction:  The Model of Moral Growth and Moral Decay 2.0.4

The integration of head and heart with words and deeds is crucial.  We need to be whole – we need to think, feel, and act.  Keeping our real selves bottled up inside is painful and dangerous, but both physicians and philosophers have long warned us that the characteristics of Decay lead to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illness.

The issue of choosing ethical Growth or Decay is not a theoretical or self-serving question.  As individuals and as members of groups, we need to understand our actual behavior and our actual choices more clearly.  We need to recognize that both Growth and Decay are entirely real and logical choices for different reasons.  The question is in what direction are our cumulative choices gradually heading?  Since moral Growth and moral Decay are contagious, what kinds of atmosphere, tone, or gestures are influencing us – how are we influencing others with the atmosphere and tone that we create around us?  Will our choices heal or kill?

Phyllis Ballata

Without Words We Cannot Think

“Thoughts and feelings flow into deeds.”  Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932), “The Significance of History,” Collected Essays


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